October 15, 2021

Tax Notice Fervor at the IRS: What You Can Do to Make It Stop

Lawmakers recogniznotices can impose unnecessary stress and asked that the IRS halt sending notices. Still, the automated notices continue to be issued while responses and phone calls continue to be unanswered. Our team would like to help you understand what to do next.
September 24, 2021

IRS Penalty Relief Spotlight: First-Time Abatement

If this is your first IRS notice charging penalties for late filing or late payment, you likely have no idea what options you have. Many taxpayers […]
July 9, 2021

Can your business benefit from the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)?

In just over 12 months, small business owners outlasted shutdowns, raced to emergency relief programs, and learned to adapt in unexpected ways. If you are a […]
July 9, 2021

2021 Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

You may be eligible to receive advance payments of the Child Tax Credit (CTC).