Tax Planning

Every year, small and mid-sized business owners arrive to April 15th and hope the price tag isn't too high. Too often, those hopes are founded only on wishful thinking. What if you could know what to expect by November and, even better, do something to change it?

Our Year End Tax Projections are just the first step of tax planning. During your projection, we will use proven methods to estimate your tax liability and discuss opportunities to decrease your bill at the tax deadline. Common tricks involve purchasing new equipment by December 31 and paying expenses early. However, optimizing your tax liability based on your highest tax bracket, targeting specific credit phase outs, and evaluating retirement contribution plans are just a few more advanced considerations that factor into your tax projection. If you are an entrepreneur tired of tax season uncertainty, consider taking control of your tax plan.

Better yet, you should consider implementing a tax strategy. Whether your business is growing, planning for succession, or seeking to expand, you could develop a plan and increase your bottom line with Advisory.

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