Business Start Up

Starting a business is exciting, scary, and demands an immense commitment from the entrepreneur. So, why make the process of starting yours more difficult than it needs to be? At Butrica Ployd, we help small business owners navigate the complex tax requirements in forming a business and maximize your tax strategy.

Our Business Start Up advising includes:

  • LLC or Business Formation
  • Optimal Entity Selection
  • Tax - Efficient Income Strategies
  • Capital & Financing Demands
  • Intuitive Accounting Systems
  • Dependable Payroll Implementation

Our Business Start Up advising includes:

At Butrica Ployd, we taken the first step with small business owners before. We took it ourselves. From it, we learned, we grew, and we designed systems that we've tested time and time again. Trust our systems. Trust Butrica Ployd

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