Professional Services & Consulting

Entrepreneurial professionals run profitable businesses because they possess exceptional competence in their field. However, that competence is best devoted to generating profits, rather than navigating the uncertainties of accounting and tax. At Butrica Ployd, we specialize in tax efficiencies unique to professional services and the flexibility, streamlining, and technologies that meet their needs best.

Real Estate

Our real estate investors purchase single-family homes as well as blocks of a neighborhood. Our realtors and real estate agents operate brokerages and manage teams as well as focus on simplified individual work. Our real estate developers complete homes, developments, and commercial projects. No matter what sector of real estate you operate in, our team is experienced and understands the opportunities open to your business.


Construction is hard work. While your employees are on the job site, we can help you get the job done and maximize your tax strategy. Our team's experience with Percentage of Completion models, Job Profitability & Job Costing, Government Audits, and contractors of any size will ensure your accounting practices work just as hard as you do.


Operating a successful retail business relies on the relationships you build with your customers. As a client of Butrica Ployd, we will show you that same excellence of service and loyalty that you provide to your customers. When you need help evaluating inventory management, POS systems, tax implications,and technology solutions, our team's expertise is at your disposal


Manufacturers don't just design products. They design systems. At Butrica Ployd, we can help design a tax system that functions like a well-oiled machine and produces the service you need efficiently. Our team's experience with specialty manufacturers, large-scale producers, and ambitious entrepreneurs will help us design a tax strategy to fit your systematic goals. Contact us to discuss your tax needs, the R&D tax credit, or implementing accounting systems.

Information Technology

IT is built on innovation. Our clients include app designers, software developers, and virtual professionals. As an expert in technology, you understand the importance of effective, efficient, and intuitive technology systems. Our team utilizes the leading technology solutions in accounting to emphasize our expertise and deliver you exceptional service.

Food & Restaurants

Just like inside a restaurant, the tax environment changes rapidly. The past decade has seen new laws regarding health insurance, business deductions, opportunities for significant tax credits, and more. As a restaurant owner, you understand that first-class requires a professionals touch. Let us serve you the tax strategy to give you an edge. We prioritize that balance. Whether we are balancing our lives or balancing your checkbook, we believe it makes us better accountants and better people.

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