Ownership Changes

Whether you are expanding your business through acquisition or looking to step out of your business, ownership changes leave a lasting impact. At Butrica Ployd, preparing ownership changes depends on the specific change you make.

Consider whether your business fits into one of these four situations:

  • Acquisition
  • Selling Your Business
  • Introducing New Partners
  • Succession Planning

In each of these, the key questions and challenges vary. Our team is ready to guide you through all of them. Learn more about the services we offer below by calling our office.



  • Identifying Acquisitions Targets
  • Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis
  • Determining Business Worth
  • Exposing Areas to Inflate Value
  • Assigning Value to Future Performance

Selling Your Business

  • Preparing For Sale by Maximizing Value
  • Finding the Ideal Buyer
  • Understanding Your Business Worth
  • Presenting a Strong Future
  • Protecting Yourself from Post
  • Signing Markdowns

Introducing New Partners

  • Understanding Partner Synergies and Obstacles
  • Calculating a Buy In Price
  • Establishing Liability, Profit Sharing, and Capital Basis
  • Preparing an Resilient Ownership or Partnership Agreement

Succession Planning

  • Minimizing Tax Consequences
  • Measuring Fair Valuation
  • Management Succession Plan
  • Tax - Efficient Retirement Strategies
  • Reliable Accounting Systems

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