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Assurance is the satisfaction of knowing that you can trust that the facts. Your organization is working, innovating, and stretching to achieve your goals. However, "bad actors" are those individuals and the organizations they represent that want to take advantage and take their lenders, donors, or business partners down with them. Assurance gives you and your partners the confidence that your reporting verified and trustworthy. At Butrica Ployd, we strive to provide that confidence - and keep the process of delivering it smooth and swift

Whether you are a nonprofit, franchise, contractor for a government entity, or business seeking favorable financing - our team is prepared to provide you with the assurance you need. Our firm has extensive experience identifying risk factors, assessing financial controls, and evaluating industry - specific challenges. Our expertise, as well as our powerful audit systems, allow us to perform comprehensive analysis in a concise approach. Our focus is keeping you focused on achieving your goals while we deliver the assurance you need

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