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Tax compliance and, even more importantly, tax strategy differentiates proactive business leaders. Taking advantage of tax credits or tax planning techniques doesn't just give you a lower tax bill.

Tax strategy gives you a competitive advantage.

As a matter of context, consider a few figures from the Tax Foundation

The average Individual making $100,000 - $200,000 per year pays 21.6% of their income in Combined Federal Taxes. At an income of $100,000 - you are statistically likely to pay $21,600 in federal taxes each year.

For individuals owning or invested in C Corporations, that income is subject to double taxation - the business pays taxes of 21% federally first. On average, the combined rate of Corp and individual taxes comes to 47.47% (federal and state together). That means on business income of $100,000, you as the owner would receive $52,530.

Finally, for many small businesses, establishing a pass - through business entity (S Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship) has been convenient or prudent. Still, pass - through businesses face marginal tax rates of 47% in Pennsylvania and almost 50% in other states (combined federal, state, and local taxes).

Taxes are not easy. However, they are expensive. A proper tax strategy can help you leverage your income to invest in employees, equipment, and growth. In turn, you can make your business more competitive and focus on building wealth. At Butrica Ployd, we believe that a tax strategy is worth investing in. From our expertise, taxes high cost makes the Return on Investment is worth it every time.

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Tax Return Preparation

Our team starts with the numbers and evaluating the opportunities to maximize your tax savings. Once we end, we will help you understand the key influences and identify next steps to take control.
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Tax Planning

The next step towards a tax strategy is tax planning. We will help you project your future tax liability and implement an action plan to reduce it.
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Tax Dispute

If you find yourself subject to IRS examination or audit, you may need expert consultation. Our team is ready to guide you through the best practices of handling IRS disputes so that you can get back to achieving your goals. Working through tax controversy with your state or locality? Our team has expertise in remedying these matters as well.
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Estate & Trust Tax

When you need to plan for the future, Butrica Ployd is here with you. We can help you understand the tax impacts of your estate or trust and optimize your plan.
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Research & Development Tax Credit

Innovation involves a lot of risk. The R&D tax credit also offers a lot of potential for rewards. Discuss the impacts the R&D tax credit can have on your tax strategy and work with our partners to protect yourself from any missteps.
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Employee Retention Credit

If your business may qualify for the Employee Retention Credit, consider engaging a tax professional to help guide you through the process.
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Payroll Tax

Our firm offers payroll as an ADP certified partner. For service from the leading payroll enterprise and the expertise of a CPA, engage our firm to manage your payroll process.
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Form 1099 Preparation

When your team goes beyond payroll, we’ll help you stay tax compliant.
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