Tax Dispute

Often, it is not your fault. But, it is now your problem. If you received a notice from the IRS, you may need expert help. Our team's experience and knowledge of tax law can help you respond to a tax dispute with the right information and evidence the first time.

Engaging Butrica Ployd to assist you in tax disputes or tax controversies starts with a conversation. We will schedule a call to explain what issues caused the IRS examination and the potential action steps we can take. In many cases, this involves simply preparing a response citing the tax code supporting your tax decisions before the IRS resolves their case. However, in some cases, the IRS denies reasonable basis, assesses penalties, and requires speaking with an agent. Every step of the way, our staff are prepared to provide expert help. If a material misstatement did occur, we'll help you act on strategies to minimize your tax owed and implement best practices to ensure it doesn't happen again.

For more complex tax disputes, such as audits or levies, our certified accountants will be ready to help.

  • Tax Notice Diagnosis & Response
  • Establish IRS Payment Plans
  • Negotiate Offer in Compromise
  • Amend or Correct Prior Tax Filings

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