Corporation & LLC Income Strategies

Every entrepreneur sets out to make profits and accumulate wealth. What you do with is becomes your goals. Whether your goals involve financial security, unrestrained generosity, or traveling the world - you shouldn't waste those profits on taxes.

Our income strategies start with 3 buckets of income:

  • Earned (or Active) Income
  • Capital Gains (Investment) Income
  • Passive Income (Rent, Royalties, and Tax Efficient Pass - Through Business Income)

However, not all forms of income are equal. Earned income is taxed much more heavily than capital gains or passive income. Designing your income strategy starts with identify how to move that income into more tax efficient income buckets. Once we achieve that, we can identify income strategies that emphasize tax deferment or tax avoidance. All of these are legal, proven strategies pay less tax from your business.

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