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Here you can upload and download sensitive files securely.

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What is Onvio Client Center?
Onvio Client Center is a secure online portal that allows our firm to send, request, and share sensitive documentation with you securely. Onvio allows us to protect your personal information while also allowing Butrica Ployd to collaborate with you, without ever requiring you to walk into our office. Your Onvio portal will remain active as long as you remain a client which will allow you to download shared documents - such as tax returns, financial statements, and more - anytime you need them.

How do I get started with Onvio?
You can obtain your Onvio portal by calling or emailing our staff and request to have your portal enabled. Once we turn it on, you will receive an email to register and then you are all set!

How do I upload documents to Onvio?
Here, you have a few different options. You can use the website and upload pdfs or documents directly. But, if you don't have a scanner, you can also download the Onvio App on Android or Apple. This app has a built-in feature that will let you use your phone's camera to scan documents directly into Onvio - just make sure to use a plain background like a table or desk. Having trouble with the Onvio app? You can also consider using other apps like "Adobe Scan".

Client Questionnaire

Please complete your annual tax questionnaire to ensure we file your tax return the right way the first time.

Client Questionnaire

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